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Migrant's Soliloquy

The beginning –

In my recent work, I have started to explore themes of Self-identity pertaining to feeling displacement in merging cultural identities. A hybrid process where painting and abstract animation exhibit newfound ground where I can exist and express myself simultaneously with all aspects of self and culture. This piece is the merger of two identities with a completely different and unique way of art/expression. After migrating to a foreign country, and being influenced by the work and multicultural background. A part of me had been buried. I had found new mediums and forms of expression, and animation and had formed my identity around that. However, a part of my past was boxed out yet always present; there was a gap. This piece being the representation of the gap between the two boxed identities finally merging and manifesting itself through patterns in the painting and finding its way into the digital space as well. A representation of the in-between and merging. Emphasizing the output of a single new hybrid and complex identity. The new patterns, colours, symbols, and motifs are a direct output of my connection to my cultural roots. Claiming my cultural background and using visual motifs of Rabari culture. The next progression of these motifs through my newfound space is through Animation and hence the patterns and motifs find their way into a new digital space. The motion of these abstract shapes/motifs represents the life of these motifs in a new space. This is the first piece that has opened the door for a multidimensional series of work. The patterns that outputted through the hybrid character will continue unfolding, recalling stories of my identity expressed in a newfound ground.

12" x 12" | Ink and Acrylic on Canvas 


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