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A platform that enables users to keep track, manage and loan audio/video gadgets, various animation, music and lighting tools for OCAD University's AV loans service.

This concept project came into synthesis when I faced a variety of inconveniences with the AV loans service department at OCAD University. The school offer’s its students' various film and animation equipment to be rented out free of charge. I have gone through the process of renting a camera and a laptop charger, amongst other things several times. The majority of those experiences had been filled with inconveniences and general annoyance. Through a history of pain points in the renting process, I was discouraged as I had to work around the service's existing problems to achieve my goal. Take a look at the app snapshots below!  


Being a practitioner of user experience design, I Identified the fault in the experience of AV loan services. I decided to put my UX hat on and solve this problem myself. I began with a five-step process, the timeline of this problem was three weeks. Discovering started with foundational research into the validity of my problem. I then Identified the user problem with extensive Research. Various research synthesis processes helped me to Define problems into appropriate problem spaces. Ideation further narrowed problems into actionable solutions. The Design of this application helps student user groups to now save time, save financial penalties and explore audio/video tools to expand upon their art practices. 

My Role

As the sole UX designer, I conducted extensive User Research, Ideation, Sketching, User flows, Wireframing, Low fidelity prototype, Visual Design.
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