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Unconscious Collaboration

Exhibiting a feeling of cultural collaboration and the merging of identity abstractly. By weaving multiple mediums together that are both traditional and newfound digital spaces, I channel the unconscious and express them through visual motifs and patterns. The patterns and motifs that I used in this piece are a direct translation of the culture that I’m exposed to around me. I continue to develop my hybrid identity and exchange stories through the painting.  I have also used Amazigh symbols in my piece as the motifs follow a similar process of expressing daily life through art. 

Furthermore, once the painting was compiled, the process was not complete. I used a digital piece to bridge the gap between traditional and unconventional. I intertwined the medium of painting/symbols/motifs to bridge the gap between newfound indemnity and its resources, allowing me to connect to my ancestors and bloom in a new land and present an unconscious collaboration.
24" x 12" | Ink and Acrylic on Canvas
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