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VRAJ DESAI b. 1996
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Vraj Desai was born in India in 1996 and lives and works in Toronto. In his art practice, he explores issues of immigration identity/culture, ancestorship, Hybridity, and self-identity. Vraj has adapted a hybrid process where he combines painting and abstract animation to exhibit newfound ground where he can exist and express simultaneously all aspects of self and culture. The hybrid pieces explore the marriage of traditional Gujurati (Rabari) craftsmanship, patterns, and traditions with newfound mediums and a constantly evolving immigrant’s identity. Vraj is consistently experimenting and learning about different materials to push forth his expression through his art practice. 

His design practice in contrast has allowed him to explore distinct disciplines - such as visual design, UI design, UX Design, architecture, illustration, and film/video. Vraj by integrating this wide set of experiences into his work has gained a stronger ability to adapt to the user/client needs when designing. The variety of his design practice lead him to various freelance opportunities, where he further sharpened his design thinking process in distinct industries. 


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